nfs with fstab+ubuntu

David Curtis dcurtis at
Wed Jul 30 03:23:47 UTC 2008

David Vincent wrote:
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> Donny George wrote:
>> hello
>> i am trying to set up the nfs on the client and server which runs ubuntu
>> server 8.04, 64 bit. i followed the link 
>> i am able to manually mount the files on the cilent. but i want to have
>> them at boot. so i edited the fstab but it doesnt mount in automatically
>> at the boot.
>> did i go wrong somewhere ?
>> donny
> please post your /etc/fstab from the client and the /etc/exports from
> the server.
> - -d

I've had no problems setting up nfs between two ubuntu boxes following 
these instructions:

This is the first hit for 'nfs ubuntu' on google. There are many more 
links after it that are also good.



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