Installation problems X11 functions

Mario Vukelic mario.vukelic at
Tue Jul 29 17:16:32 UTC 2008

On Tue, 2008-07-29 at 14:09 +0530, Chaman Singh Verma wrote:
> Hello,
> I installed libX11-dev, xorg-dev, xorg etc on my machine, still some
> software complain that XFlush,  XVisualInfo not found.
> What additional X11 package I must install ?

Keep in mind that I have exactly zero clue about X programming, but that
said ...

The first Google hit for XVisualInfo is this:
The page says that this structure is defined in X11/Xutil.h.
Using the package content search at you will
find that Xutil.h is in package libx11-dev,

Regarding XFlush, it was not quite as straightforward to find that it is
defined in X11/Xlib.h, which again according to, is
also in libx11-dev.

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