Evolution vs Thunderbird

Karl Larsen k5di at zianet.com
Tue Jul 29 00:29:45 UTC 2008

    I did a simple test that shows strong that Evolution is not the most 
used Ubuntu email client.

                What E-mail Client do we use on Ubuntu?

        Checked 100 of the last emails to this list and the results are 
as follows:

Thunderbird     36
Gmail           20
Evolution       12
Firefox         5
Mutt            3
Apple           2
Microsoft       2
All Others      30

        The results show that Thunderbird is used 3 times more often 
than Evolution and more times than All Others. I was surprised at all 
the Gmail use.

        Another result is as follows. All 100 users have Evolution on 
their computer but only 12 are using it. One third of the users choose 
to download Thunderbird and use that.

    Now you can find all kinds of possible problems with this data. But 
you can't find a single problem with the data. The data is REAL. Others 
have non-statistical data that show Evolution being used more than all 
others. It can't be used.

    If anyone wants to find fault in my data feel free to get 100 emails 
from a known Ubuntu list and present it just as I did (see above). If it 
is even a little different than mine I will be surprised.



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