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Mon Jul 28 22:38:44 UTC 2008

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Karl Larsen wrote:
>         Checked 100 of the last emails to this list and the results are 
> as follows:
> Thunderbird     36
> Gmail           20
> Evolution       12
> Firefox         5
> Mutt            3
> Apple           2
> Microsoft       2
> All Others      30
>         The results show that Thunderbird is used 3 times more often 
> than Evolution and more times than All Others. I was surprised at all 
> the Gmail use.
>         Another result is as follows. All 100 users have Evolution on 
> their computer but only 12 are using it. One third of the users choose 
> to download Thunderbird and use that.

Who was on Ubuntu, who was on Kubuntu and who was on Xubuntu?
Thunderbird still comes installed by default on Ubuntu right?  As does
Evolution.  But on Xubuntu Evolution is not included while Thunderbird
is.  Pretty sure on Kubuntu KMail is in there and both TB and Evo are
out.  Now my head hurts...

Anyways, I feel your sample pool is too small to be meaningful.  Get us
numbers for the last year, then we can talk.  ;)

- -d

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