how do I setup a Ubuntu domU on a Fedora Core 8 XEN server?

Shizzle Cash shizzlecash at
Sat Jul 26 16:28:41 UTC 2008

On Jul 26, 2008, at 7:08 AM, Rudi Ahlers wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm looking for instructions on how to setup a Ubuntu domU XEN  
> guest, on a Fedora Core 8 XEN server.
> Before you tell me to try the FC mailing list, I have asked on the  
> CentOS mailing list already, and was reffered here. I got some nice  
> tutorials on how to setup a Ubuntu XEN server, and then install the  
> Ubuntu XEN guest, but that doesn't work on a different Linux distro.
> Can someone please direct me to a working tutorial on how to get it  
> to work?


I'm not sure if you've run across this yet, you might very-well have.   
First off, without knowing exactly what problem you're having, there's  
not much people can do for you on this list.  I would guess that most  
people in here haven't set-up a XEN system.  I myself have not, but I  
figured maybe I could at least help find a solution.  I ran across  
this link in the Ubuntu community wiki that, while it doesn't  
specifically address your issue, it might point you in the right  
direction.  Actually I have 2 links for you.

The first is to an ubuntuforums post that I'm wondering if it is yours:

If not, it sounds like you're not the only one having issues using the  
latest release as a DomU guest.

The second is the wiki link:

The wiki link is more about using Ubuntu as the XEN host with others  
as guests.  However, I'm wondering if the problem lies in Ubuntu  
needing to be tweaked a little to run under a Fedora DomU host. I  
notice that in the "Stuff to check when converting a disk image to a  
DomU" in the wiki, it mentions some specific things you have to do to  
get Gentoo running on an Ubuntu host.  I'm wondering if something  
similar is needed for Ubuntu running on Fedora.  While I know it's not  
an "answer" I'm hoping it might at least be a pointer to a potential  

The only other thing I can think of (and one that you've probably  
already taken into account), is to make sure you're using the same  
architectures for your host and guest OS (e.g. i386 and i386).  I know  
I've been bitten by silly stuff like that in the past.  Since XEN is  
kernel-based, I would think mis-matched architectures would be  
problematic.  Again, no offense intended by this, I just know I've  
beaten my head over problems just to have the solution be something  
really simple that should've been obvious to me, but for some reason  
wasn't at the time.

Also, as far as Karl is concerned, he generally means well, but it  
most cases the information or suggestions he gives are wrong.

I'm sorry I can't help further with this problem right now, but  
hopefully this will maybe provide some thoughts that point you in the  
right direction for a solution.
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