Configuring Dual Screens

NoOp glgxg at
Thu Jul 24 19:50:03 UTC 2008

On 07/24/2008 08:34 AM, Greg Lindstrom wrote:
> Hello,
> I have decided to convert my machine at work to Ubuntu (I have run
> Ubuntu on my laptop for over a year and have been wanting to make the
> change for a while).
> I have 2 Hanns-G 19" monitors and a ATI Radeon 7k graphics card in my
> system.  I went to "Screen Resolution" and noticed the two monitors
> represented in the screen, then unchecked "clone screen" and turned
> off my second screen.  This worked fine.  I cannot, however, get my
> second screen to work.  I thought I would be able to turn it "on" with
> the same resolution and refresh rate as the primary screen, but it
> just won't work. I can set it as a clone and both screens show the
> same information.
> I have read through various posts on the matter and see that many
> people go into their xorg.conf file to set up monitors, screens, and
> devices.  Is that still necessary with 8.04?  I'm thinking since I see
> the screens represented in the GUI I should be able to do this without
> editing files (I'm OK with editing them, I just want to find out if
> it's still required).  If I have to edit files, how do I find out the
> values to use in the "device" section for my particular monitors and
> video card?
> Thanks for your time and attention,
> --greg

Perhaps this will help:

You can also try Alt-F2 and enter: gksu displayconfig-gkt
and use that to try setting them both again. Note: displayconfig-gkt is
hidden in your Applications menu in Hardy; you can revive it by
right-clicking Applications|Edit Menus|Other and then tick the box next
to "Screens and Graphics".

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