Ubuntu 8.04 cdrom is not seeing all mp3's

Mario Vukelic mario.vukelic at dantian.org
Thu Jul 24 19:16:24 UTC 2008

On Thu, 2008-07-24 at 09:49 -0500, Johnny wrote:
> I don't have any problem playing the mp3's I use Audacious I just have
> a problem see all the one's that are missing mp3's on the cd's in
> which they are not missing just not show up when I view them. I do
> have all the mp3's in installed on the this computer in there right
> folders.
> Since this computer is on a small network I do have a Windows XP
> computer I just transfer the missing mp3's to this computer that I use
> daily.
> I do have gstreamer ugly installed

I know that. and my suggestion had nothing to do with missing codecs and
the like. You might have seen my other post in the thread that explains
that Ubuntu will offer to download the codec anyway if it is missing, at
least for the gstreamer-based default applications.

My point was that certain DRM-crippled commercial CDs don't let the
operating system see the files (or not all files) in the first place
when one does not use Windows and/or a crappy program that is supplied
on the CD.
It might have nothing to do with your problem, but might be worth

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