Hard drive weirdness.

David Vincent dvincent at sleepdeprived.ca
Wed Jul 23 18:29:45 UTC 2008

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Rashkae wrote:
> David Vincent wrote:
>> 2.  in ubuntu install "gparted" in your favorite manner either with
>> synaptic or the add/remove programs app or apt-get or whatever.  open
>> gparted (found under the System menu in Administration) and locate your
>> /dev/sdb drive.  right-click the partition and see what flags are set on
>> it.  click the "boot" flag if it isn't ticked.  click "ok"
> This step is... useless. Won't hurt anything, but doesn't achieve
> anything.  It doesn't matter to grub which partition is or is not marked
> bootable.. Unless you are doing something exotic by mixing MS-DOS chain
> loader MTBR with grub, marking partitions as bootable has no effect.
> You would need to setup grub on each device for grub to boot from either
> hard drive.  However, since in this case, the /boot resides outside the
> raid, you can't boot if the root drive is dead anyhow, so there is no
> point in making the raid members bootable.

sorry, yeah, he won't need to boot from that partition.  please ignore
that step!  'twas early and before coffee.

- -d
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