please help, desperate, weird problem realting to ftp and samba shares and filesystem access thx :)

Jody Gugelhupf knueffle at
Wed Jul 23 09:35:26 UTC 2008

>> hi ppl :)
>> I have a fresh install of ubuntu hardy (let's call this machine 1), i have
>> several machines mainly unix machines on the network, i have setup samba, it
>> works without problem between all clients. I also have a ftp running on
>> machine 1, in the ftp dir i have all sorts of directories, including shares
>> from other machines, which i mounted there with samba, i can see all files
>> access everything and the rights are set correctly too, i can also download
>> anything from machine 1's ftp directory as long as it is physically in that
>> machines, when i try to download something from a mounted directory i get 2
>> different errors from several clients i have tried:
>> some clients give me this error:
>> 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for Arms.avi (734472192 bytes).
>> 426 Sendfile error: Value too large for defined data type.
>> other clients give me this error:
>> 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for Fov.avi (731535360 bytes)
>> 426 Transfer aborted. Operation not permitted
>> however when i download files which are only a couple kb it works, but i
>> think no more then 10kb
>> then i tried uploading files to the ftp's directory into the directories
>> which were mounted, and from which i can only downloadver small files or get
>> the mentioned errors, uploading works, regardless the size
>> I have tried proftpd and glftpd on machine1 same problem, i have also
>> installed an ftp on another ubuntu machine and have mounted directories from
>> other machines (to recreate same circumstance) and there is no problem, so
>> what the hell is the issue here, any hints tips?
>> thx,
>> jody :)

>in proftpd.conf have you tried to adding the following...

>UseSendFile                     off


i have found that advise too, but as i mentioned the problem is only with mounted directories, but not with the local filesystem, also i have mentioned that i have tried other ftp servers (glftpd to be specific) and there is also no such option, anyhow that i snot the solution, anyone else? kinda desperate here, thx :)

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