How to get attention to a bug

Erik Itland erik.itland at
Mon Jul 21 14:56:08 UTC 2008

> Upgrade your kernel and report the results on the old bug. If
> everything works, everyone who has the old bug can see what the
> solution is. If everything doesn't work, the kernel team have more
> information to work from and know that it's a current bug.
> cheers
> stuart
Guess I'm already at the newest kernel. uname -r gives "2.6.24-19-generic".

Will try to dump and upload  /proc/version_signature, dmesg and

lspci -vvnn with the new kernel and then try to get somebody to look at it

The reason why I wondered if I should open a new bug report is because this
one has been stuck in dead water since april.

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