no more windows

Darren Mansell darren at
Mon Jul 21 14:31:00 UTC 2008

On Mon, 21 Jul 2008 09:19:49 -0500, "Sean Carolan" <scarolan at>
>>    I am wondering why so many people loading Ubuntu MUST also have
>> Windows XT or Vista? I should think that if they are not sure they will
>> like Ubuntu then load Ubuntu in it's own partition and have Grub boot to
>> it when you want to. All this pain and waste of time on VM seems to
>> generate many messages on how to get VM working.
>>    Of course my computer has zero Windows and this is because nothing
>> on windows do I want. It sure makes it cleaner and easy.
> Some of us *MUST* keep a Windows installation around for running
> programs that are not available in Ubuntu.  In particular, I run
> Windows XP inside a virtual machine for the express purpose of running
> Outlook (LookOut!).  I don't think using VMware is a waste of time at
> all.  Once VMware is set up correctly it works perfectly and allows
> extra flexibility that dual-booting can never offer.  Different
> strokes for different folks.
> And to the other poster who had trouble with his wireless connection -
> the free VMWare server does not support bridging via wifi interfaces.
> This feature might be available in the paid VMWare workstation.

Can I take this slightly OT and ask why you have to use Outlook?


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