no more windows

norman norman at
Sun Jul 20 17:57:16 UTC 2008

>                 Some research led me to believe that I should change
>                 the NIC setup from
>                 NAT to bridged. I did this and then found that I was
>                 unable to access
>                 the internet.
>         If you're going to use NAT you will need a router with a DHCP
>         server included.  Most home routers have this feature built
>         it.  Personally I use a WRT-54GL, it works great and allows my
>         virtual machines to get on the internet just as you have
>         mentioned.
> Er, I meant to say "if you're going to use *bridged*" - my bad! 

Assuming I have got a DHCP server included in my router do I need to
give it any instructions before bridged will work? Routers and their use
is something I know very little about.


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