Switch internet connection from windows to Ubuntu 8.04

NoOp glgxg at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jul 20 01:29:14 UTC 2008

On 07/15/2008 06:47 PM, Ernest G Mueller wrote:
> Existing connection from Comcast cable service is via a modem and Linksys
> RVS 4000 Security Router to 3 computers, all running Windows XP. There is no
> other networking or sharing between the computers.
> I downloaded Ubuntu 8.04 and managed to install it, however, I can not get
> onto the internet.
> I studied the documentation, tried many different things, but can not get
> the internet connection to work.
> I have the settings form the existing windows set-up and can not figure out
> which data to enter where in the Ubuntu system.
> Could anybody help me please on this with rather basic instructions - I am
> new with Linux and getting frustrated after hours of trial.

I just installed an Ubuntu system on a Comcast connection yesterday for
a friend. I found that I had to turn off the Ubuntu system, then the
Comcast modem & leave it off for about 60 sec, and then turn it back on,
let it settle, then turn on the Ubuntu system. You may also have to do
the same with your linksys. The Comcast modem cable (Token-Bus) modem is
a very basic modem that records the nic of the connecting machine. If it
gets confused, you need to repower so it will rerecord the mac addresses.

So, try powering everything off for at least 60 seconds (removing power
cord to the Comcast modem). Power up the Comcast modem, let it settle.
Power up the linksys, let it settle. Power up the PC under Ubuntu. See
if that works. If that does not, post back and we'll try  a few other

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