dial up modems

squareyes squareyes at internode.on.net
Sat Jul 19 02:21:40 UTC 2008

Douglas Pollard wrote:
> Been doing battle with Comcast I am their only customer at the very end 
> of a line. They won't repair the line problems because one customer does 
> not justify the cost.  I am going back to dial up and am wondering what 
> type of dial up modem to get.  I believe there is a list of hardware one 
> line someplace   . I have Googled for it without any luck.  Any help 
> will be appreciated.                           Doug
Hi Doug,
I have 2 Netcomm serial modems different models, no problems, they just 

Can set up in terminal, type sudo pppconfig
Hope this helps, from one of the many with no other option but to use Dialup

Hope this helps.
Take Care

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