Annoying behavious of Nautilus when drag+drop as link

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Fri Jul 18 15:40:42 UTC 2008

On Fri, 18 Jul 2008 17:25:06 +0200, "Johnny Rosenberg"
<gurus.knugum at> wrote:

>> I know that you specified nautilus, but you might consider using a
>> different file manager for this task. I use the Rox filer:
>> sudo apt-get install rox-filer
>> On drag-and-drop, rox offers to make a link, copy or move (you get a
>> little menu to choose from), and it doesn't do this sort of silly stuff
>> - it just gives you a symlink as $DEITY intended :)
>> Rox is quite small, fast, and configurable, and its help file is
>> actually helpful ( *gasp* ). As far as I can see it does not create a
>> menu entry, but you can of course create your own with the menu editor,
>> or make a custom launcher for it.
>> You can change the default blue Rox "folder" icons under right-click ->
>> Options -> Types ( choose "human" or whatever suits you ) There are
>> lots of other options, but that's more than you asked for anyway :)
>> Worth exploring - I have used rox for years now when needing a
>> graphical file manager, and hardly ever use Nautilus any more...
>> If you want to create a lot of links graphically, this might be a
>> solution for you.
>> --
>> Peter Garrett <peter.garrett at>
>> Thanks! I might just try it!
> J.R.

I know it comes with the QT overhead but Dolphin takes some beating now.

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