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Ulin the Tech Mage wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-07-17 at 10:04 -0700, Steven Davies-Morris wrote:
>> Jimmy Montague wrote:
>>> Hi all. I'm new here. I'm new to Ubuntu and almost new to 
>>> Linux. I've had dual-boot systems up and running several times 
>>> in the past. I'm back again only because I've discovered that 
>>> OO will import my WordPerfect files, and WordPerfect was the 
>>> one thing that kept me glued to Mr. Bill. Now I can bring my 
>>> past life with me, I've decided to go with Linux exclusively 
>>> and wean myself from Mr. Bill in the process.
>>> I was a DOS user in the days when DOS was all there was. I used
>>>  MS-DOS 3.1, 4.5 and 5. Then I changed to DR-DOS 6 but shortly
>>>  thereafter saw I'd have to give it up. I installed Windows 3.1
>>>  in 1994 and have used every version since -- until Vista. I 
>>> never installed Vista and I never will and I'll never pay $500 
>>> for an OS if I live to be 110 -- and I won't. If it hadn't been
>>>  for my WordPerfect habit I would have switched long ago. I
>>> kept waiting, hoping Corel would see the light and give me a
>>> real Linux version of WP, but they never did and they never
>>> will. Now OO will do the chores, I'll go with OO.
>>> Right now I need some help with hdd administration. My system 
>>> has 3 hdds: I have two 80-gig ide Western Digitals. One is 
>>> Master on the primary strap; the other is Master on the 
>>> secondary strap. The third drive is an 80-gig Maxtor mounted 
>>> externally via USB.
>>> Ubuntu formatted the WD on the primary strap. It is hda. Ubuntu
>>>  did NOT format either of the other two drives. The master on 
>>> the secondary strap is still formatted NTFS. So is the Maxtor. 
>>> I want EVERYTHING formatted Linux, in whatever fashion you guys
>>>  think is best.
>>> How can I do that?
>> I presume that you're running Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 (rather than 
>> Kubuntu or Xubuntu). And I presume that you've already got 
>> anything that you wanted off the two NTFS drives. :-)
>> I'm very partial to GParted. A very good tool much like Partition
>>  Magic under Windows that you might want to have in your bag of 
>> tricks.
>> Go here to download the CD ISO image ( 
>> <>
>> Reboot with it in place and use it to delete the partitions on 
>> the two NTFS drives and replace them with whatever you're using 
>> for Ubuntu, which is probably ext3 (the default).
> why go that route when you can "sudo apt-get install gparted"? and 
> from there you can graphicly repartion the drives and then create a
>  FS

He certainly can do that too. I like to have the bootable Gparted CD
in my portable toolbox, which is why I suggested it.
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