Changing Desktop Icon Fonts

Rashkae ubuntu at
Thu Jul 17 13:39:08 UTC 2008

Justin Tan wrote:
> Hello,
> How do I change the desktop icons font colours? Its currently white and rather difficult to see so I would like to change it to black.
> I tried using Gnome Configurator but it seems to change every other colour on my desktop except the fonts! 
> Thanks everyone in advance

This is ugly as hades, but might be your only option in this case.

Create a file in your home directory named .gtkrc-2.0

It needs to contain the following:

style "desktop-icon"
NautilusIconContainer::frame_text = 1
text[NORMAL] = "#000000"
NautilusIconContainer::normal_alpha = 0
class "GtkWidget" style "desktop-icon"

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