Tim Tipton timtipton at
Wed Jul 16 19:40:09 UTC 2008

> Tim, it might also be the host that you are trying to connect to. I have 
lots of 
> clients at GoDaddy and I have never been able to get gFTP to work. Even 
> own directions do not work. You might call your host and as them about the 
> Wade

I think you meant Gary... 

I'm wondering, Gary, are you running a firewall either on your machine or in 
your router? I remember something about Firewalls blocking port 20 or 22 
(don't remember which it is) that is the "DATA" port ftp uses (default) - (I 
think the command port is the 21, with 20 being the data port, but I could be 
mistaken on this one)

At any rate, if you are using a firewall, you might try disabling it just to 
test it.

There's some really good info about FTP here:


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