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Wed Jul 16 10:56:11 UTC 2008

Hi Daulat,
What particular program would you like to run?
If you've come from a Windows background the
"Applications | Places | System" menus in the top left corner of your
screen correspond to the Windows "Start" button. From the Applications
menu you can select which program you would like to run from a variety
of categories.
Hope that answers your question?
In the future you might like to experiment a little before you ask
questions. Or even google.com.* to search for your answer.
This helps keep answers on this list as prompt and helpful as possible.
Welcome to the wonderful world of GNU/Linux and Ubuntu, I'm sure you'll
enjoy yourself!

James Collier

On Wed, 2008-07-16 at 15:48 +0530, daulat rathod wrote:
> can u tell me we can run program on ubuntu i am new to this have
> ubuntu version 7.10
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