James Takac p3nndrag0n at gmail.com
Sat Jul 12 06:42:38 UTC 2008

Hi Ed

On Saturday 12 July 2008 16:19:46 Ed Greshko wrote:
> Santiago Hernández Lemes wrote:
> > Poor idiot! xenophobic people has really big interior issues... Maybe he
> > has something reprimed inside him, most people with this kind of
> > problems have inteior problems like being gay and could not assume it...
> > or feeling inferior that other people, they see other people as an
> > intimidance... like a competition...
> And you may hear that the reason for "blocking" is due to spam coming from
> these countries.  But you have to wonder when self acclaimed super system
> admin uses a sledge hammer as his tool for blocking spam.  Doesn't wash.

That's the interesting thing here re the sledge hammer analogy. The spammers 
in the country are the minority by far with most being legit users. Blocking 
the entire country is punishing mostly innocent people perse :( Even then 
it's so easy  to fake the country you appear to com from so blocking the 
apparent country might actually be blocking innocent people beyond that which 
I already alluded to. So much in mail headers these days is faked that you 
can't simply believe which country they apparently come from :(


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