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Alan_Dacey at horizonblue.com Alan_Dacey at horizonblue.com
Thu Jul 10 14:11:13 UTC 2008

>Hi ubuntu-users
>Yesterday a friend asked me to install his new PC. As he gained advice 
>from a seller, he got a system with vista home edition and also bought 
>the office 2007 version. I installed vista home (just a language 
>selection) which took more than an hour on a real fast system :-(. Then 
>I installed his office and opened up word to check if the printer was 


>lightening struck, so I have his old hard drive. Recovering his office 
>files from his 'my documents' folder will not be a problem, but how can 
>i switch its mails and addressbook to thunderbird?
>Tx for any advice

There are a lot of people who set up a dual boot with *ubuntu and vista. I 
did a quick search on the 
forums and found these in seconds:
Not sure if these are right for you but it is a starting point.  I am sure 
you can get a lot more vista-specific info.

Just about every post I have read of dual booting is putting two OS's on 
the same disk but since you have 
a second disk, It gets so much easier.  I dual boot Kubuntu and XP and to 
set it up was a breeze.  I am 
assuming that the motherboard has sata connections, if it is IDE just make 
sure you set the jumper pins
correctly.  All you have to do is install your windows on a disk that is 
plugged into your primary sata port then 
when finished, move it to a secondary port.  Plug in your second disk to 
the primary sata port, reboot with the
Kubuntu install disk in your dvd drive and install on the new disk.  Grub 
has no problem picking up the other 
OS since it is on a separate disk (at least that is my understanding).  As 
a disclaimer, I have not done this with 
vista but I assume it would work too.

For the shared folders you might want to follow the link in post #5 in 
this thread:

The method I use to share my stuff is to make a folder off home, like 
maybe " /home/grokit/windisk". 
Then edit /etc/fstab to mount it on startup.  This gives you access to the 
entire hard drive so you could set the 
Kubuntu version of thunderbird's data files to live in
"/home/grokit/windisk/Documents and Settings/VistaUserID/Local 
Settings/Application Data/Thunderbird"
(I used a XP path and knowing who made the OS I'm not sure this is the 
same in the vista version)
I keep all my virtualbox hard drives on my windows disk and I have not 
encountered any problems.

Hope this helps.

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