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Karl Larsen k5di at
Wed Jul 9 00:20:57 UTC 2008

Markus Schönhaber wrote:
> Karl Larsen wrote:
>>     The basic conversion takes place in a terminal window. There type $ 
>> sudo init 1 and when you give your password the computer drops to a 
>> Server mode.
> Nonsense. (tel)init 1 brings the system down into single user mode, not
> "server mode" (whatever that is supposed to be). This is definitely not
> a way to run a server.
> If you don't want X running - stop it.
> If you want a server - use an Ubuntu server distribution. Which, by
> default, installs a different set of applications than the desktop
> version does. Among them a kernel which is configured slightly different
> than the -generic kernel the desktop version installs by default.
    That is not the case. The kernel with a number that comes with the 
server is identical to the one used by the desktop. The difference is 
the number of things used by the kernel. In a server you may have less 
called. But you can do this with the desktop if you find it helps.


> If you really think you must run GUI apps on a server - install the
> appropriate packages, or maybe even (k)ubuntu-desktop (but I don't have
> the slightest idea why one could want that).
> Regards
>   mks


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