sharing printer on XP for Ubuntu

Arun Shrimali arun.reso at
Tue Jul 8 13:24:13 UTC 2008

Dear All,

I am trying to implement Ubuntu within the users of XP, where I am
finding difficulty to print on shared printer of  XP, from Ubuntu

I am using Ubuntu 8.04. One laserjet printer HP 1020 in installed on
XP PC and shared. All the other XP pcs/users can print through that
shared printer. But my Ubuntu PC could not detect that printer, I have
tried through
System > Administration > Printing > New Printer > Windows Printer via
SAMBA > Browse

I can browse the PC but could not detect the attached shared printer.
I have even tried using IP address, but failed to detect the printer.
Firewall is off at both the PCs.
"Print Services for Unix" is also installed on XP PC.

Can any body help me out to connect to shared printer.



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