Installing fonts

David Curtis dcurtis at
Tue Jul 8 10:04:51 UTC 2008

Rick wrote:
> It would help immensely, if it did not contradict the advice given by 
> other savants in the group when I previously asked the question. How do 
> I identify the truth?

'bout a hundred dollars. ;-)

> Is it your usr/share/fonts/ or /.fonts or /TTF or 
> <>?


> Why are there multiple answers? 

Because its Linux.

> Why are there multiple places? 

Because its Linux.

> Why is nothing ever straightforward in Linux?

Because there are many ways to solve a problem in a powerful, modular 
operating system, using the packaging system graciously provided to you 
(for free), to work with the different locations files need to go and 
then informing the software that needs to know where they are that 
information, is your best bet for success.

> I have work to do, and I can't do it with a setup that is already this 
> time around going on a week.

Well, you have been pointed to the font page in the wiki, you have read 
this right? You have tried the suggestions that the people on this list 
have responded with, right? You have had a week to try these things, right?

Yes, I understand you're new to Linux. Yes, I understand you want to 
install fonts not in a fontpackage. But you're going to have to try a 
solution before you can learn anything about your new OS. Now, I haven't 
  gone back all the way to your original post but you should have gotten 
enough info to start doing something, and if that something doesn't work 
you can always come back here with the technical details and we can help 
you out with that.

You've complained twice now on this list, whether about advice or about 
linux, thats a good way to get flamed.


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