Installing fonts

Rick rufus at
Tue Jul 8 08:14:24 UTC 2008

squareyes wrote:
> Rick wrote:
>> Ah! There's the sticking point. There are several places where fonts are 
>> stored in the new Ubuntu. I spoke ambiguously, because I don't know 
>> where to put them in 8.04.
>> Rick
> Hi Rick,
> one place
> usr/share/fonts/
> Hope this helps
> Take Care
> Winton
It would help immensely, if it did not contradict the advice given by 
other savants in the group when I previously asked the question. How do 
I identify the truth?

Is it your usr/share/fonts/ or /.fonts or /TTF or 

Why are there multiple answers? Why are there multiple places? Why is 
nothing ever straightforward in Linux?

I have work to do, and I can't do it with a setup that is already this 
time around going on a week.


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