Sony Vaio VGN-N325 ACPI Problem

NoOp glgxg at
Mon Jul 7 16:40:50 UTC 2008

On 07/06/2008 08:38 PM, Dayton Lawton wrote:
> I am a new Linux user, Used to mess around the various distros,
> knoppix, redhat & mandrake. Using Pcs for 22 years from MSDOS &
> Win 3.1. I have just been using Ubuntu 8.04 Hard Herron for 2 weeks now
> on my Sony vaio vgn-n325e laptop and I have serious acpi problems.
> Machine wont shutdown without hard power-off, restarts fine, cant see
> battery state or ac adapter states. Please help, I have completely
> formatted vista, I am so impressed with the system responsiveness but
> need full laptop compatibility.

I don't know about the battery issues, but I have an old Clevo/Lapnote
laptop that also required hard power-off. This is what worked for me (in
both Gutsy and Hardy):

gksu gedit /etc/modules

Add the following line:
apm power_off=1

Save and shutdown, then reboot again to make sure that it is working.

If that doesn't do the trick, then check out the refs below for added ideas.


And filed for hardy:

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