Looking for a Picture Management Program#

H.S. hs.samix at gmail.com
Sun Jul 6 23:07:46 UTC 2008

Chris G wrote:

> Are you suggesting that I tag images with their date or what exactly?
> For example if I want to see pictures/images for, say, October 1987
> how would I tag them so that I see that in October 1987 I have images for:-
>     The horses in the orchard
>     Holiday in Venice
>     Maxine for publicity
> ?

I think you are probably looking for a picture or photo management tool 
which has database functionality in it. For this, the tool should either 
come with a "lite" version of a database server in it or it should be 
able to talk to a database. I haven't looked at this much, but looks 
like your best bet is going to be a web interface tool for picture 
management. Take a look at zoph, for example (never used it though, but 
apt-cache came in handy).

Now, a different way of achieving what you want (without *you* having to 
do much as opposed to creating your own naming system as I described in 
an earlier reply of mine) is to make the file system aware of meta data 
of files. This way you can sort your files (photos) based on their date 
of creation or modification or location or topic, all of which should 
appear in the file's metadata. I do not know much about how this is all 
done in Linux, but apparently ZFS is capable of doing this ... but take 
this claim of mine with a grain of salt.

Finally, being radically different, the best example of what you desire 
would perhaps be the spotlite feature in Macs. If you are interested in 
this and if you get a hand on a Mac computer, you might want to give 
that a shot and see how it works. For all I know, a Mac may even let you 
do the sorting of the photos as you wish. IIRC, its file system does 
store and use meta data in files.


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