Book on Servers

Wade Smart wade at
Wed Jul 2 22:48:08 UTC 2008

Karl Larsen wrote:
>     I was asked to review a book almost done for those who want a server 
> using Ubuntu. As I read the thing it became clear that ANY server has 
> Administration issues and they are not just for Ubuntu. I read the part 
> about making a email server and all of that is independent of Linux type.
>     So I told the book company to not publish this book. If they want it 
> to sell it it needs to be about Linux, not Ubuntu.
>     What do you think?
> Karl
20080702 1744 GMT-6

So this was a specific book on Ubuntu on how to set it up as a server including 
having it as an email server? If it was very specific to Ubuntu as in it told 
you what to do that was specific to it, any gui or cmd line cmd's they used, any 
thing that was different from other distro's, that would be okay I think.

I wouldn't mind seeing a book that is beginner-ish on setting up a server 
including different software that one might use. So often its either really 
simple or its really really complex - no in between.

But if as you say its very generic and they are just using Ubuntu in the name - 
then you made the right call.


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