Ubuntu vs. Kubuntu ... just one!

Rick rufus at hanadari.net
Fri Jul 4 13:20:22 UTC 2008

Rick wrote:
> Steve Cook wrote:
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>> Rick wrote:
>>> How can I now (short of a clean installation) return the computer to
>>>  Ubuntu, with a few selected KDE programs to supplement the Ubuntu
>>> arsenal?
>> Rick, have a look round http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/index.php there
>> a variety of instructions for getting back to pure Gnome.
>> Steve
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> OK, Steve,
> I did the apt-get elimination. That was one long command line! I'll get 
> the missing favorites when all this is settled. Unfortunately, I still 
> have a Kubuntu login screen with a choice of three windowings: GNOME, 
> Kubuntu and KDE4. I'd like to get the Ubuntu login screen back before I 
> follow up on Karl's suggestion to shortcut the login process.
> Just ran Synaptic to find Kubuntu leavings. Now I'll reboot. If I don't 
> write for a long time, you'll know why!
> Rick
That's it!
I have a Ubunto screen when I start the computer. It then switches to 
blue with the four choices. I even tried Kubuntu (after I'd deleted 
everything) and it came up. Then I came back to Ubunto. This is insane. 
I have spent days and days on this foolishness. No system needs to be so 
convoluted. There's still enough Kubuntu trash around to start up the 
system and interfere with the Ubuntu login. I'll try the login shortcut. 
If that still hangs on a Kubuntu shard, I'm back to Windows and a 
predictable system that already does everything I need. If I succeed in 
the automatic login I'll continue, although frankly it's absurd to spend 
so much time on a system just to get minimum functionality.


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