changing partition designations

Karl Larsen k5di at
Tue Jul 1 22:23:40 UTC 2008

Robert Holtzman wrote:
> Just had occasion to look at my /etc/mtab and the partition names had
> changed from /dev/sda* to /dev/sdb*. My /etc/fstab still shows /dev/sda*.
> This *may* have happened when I recently used gparted to create 3 new
> partitions (which I have yet to install anything on).What happened and
> can I rename back to /dev/sda* or do I live with it and edit /etc/fstab?
> The UUID's match those in fstab.
> The danger, of course, is that if anything happened that would force me
> to reboot, such as a power outage, I'd be screwed....I think.
> Any pointers *greatly* appreciated!
    So long as all your kernel and other things have UUID= address you 
will not have any problems. But if you add partitions you do screw up 
your system. It might be the partition you are booting from changes. 
Then grub will get confused and fail.  So make sure the proper partition 
address  like (hd1,4) or whatever is accurate needs to be changed on 
menu.lst asap.



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