No Commmon CD-ROM drive was detected

Robert Warmack robert.warmack at
Tue Jul 1 13:43:38 UTC 2008

I have not even attempted to put Windows on it (never bought the program
because I was only going to use Linux on this box).  The CD drive (LG E-IDE
Model GSA-H55NK) is a combo CD-R/DVD+-R combo hooked up in slave
configuration on the same PATA cable as my hard drive.  I know all the
peripherals work because I installed openSUSE early this morning to use
until I can get Kubuntu to work.  Thanks again for all your help!

On 7/1/08, Karl Larsen <k5di at> wrote:
> Robert Warmack wrote:
> > I'm a first-time Linux user, switching from Windows.  I decided that I
> > wanted to try the Kubuntu version - I build a new computer, all of the
> parts
> > are functioning and recognized by the BIOS.  However, upon booting the
> > computer from the Installation Disc which I burned  I receive the "No
> common
> > CD-ROM drive was detected" error.  I have done some searching and found
> that
> > I am not alone in this problem.  Unfortunately, I was unable to find a
> > resolution for my predicament. (I have no floppy drive.)
> >
> > seems to be an
> entire
> > thread concerning this problem, but it seems to peter out without giving
> a
> > definitive answer.
> >
> > - I have tried re burning the CD.
> > - I was unable to try installing in "expert mode" because I could not
> find
> > an adequate description of how to do so. (I'm brand new!)
> > - I have verified that my md5sum matches.
> > - My original SATA Mode was set to "Enhanced", so I tried it in
> "Compatible"
> > mode.
> >
> > Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!  Also, if this is something which
> I
> > cannot fix - does anyone have any suggestions as to another good Linux
> > distribution for a newbie who wants to get some experience with the OS?
> > Thanks a bunch for you time and help!
> >
> >                        Robert
> >
> >
>    Please tell us more about your new home made computer. Do you have
> windows running well on it?
>    What is the make and model of your CD device? Is it a DVD player as
> well? It is a read-write type I assume. From your BIOS tell us where the
> CD device is connected. If it shares a IDE cable which other device is
> on the IDE port with the CD device? Or, is the CD device a SATA type?
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