cannot send smtp email with exim

Alexandra Zaharia f0rg3r at
Fri Feb 29 18:48:49 UTC 2008

On 2/29/08, Peter Smerdon <psmerdon at> wrote:
>  Thanks! I was getting nowhere with exim4 so I have purged it and
>   installed postfix and am looking at some guides for this:
>  and:
>  The latter also seems rather involved but I need to get something set up
>  soon. I really don't care what MTA I use so if you know of a better way
>  please advise..

Hi Peter,

I use Postfix to some minimal extent - I only need it to run on my
machine and either deliver mail locally, either I need to be able to
connect to port 25 on my machine from another one in the subnet so for
this limited use it's both suitable and fast for me. Anyway, the good
thing with Postfix is that it's really, really well documented: -- extensive, I'd rather say

So good luck with your setup! :-)


PS - The thing that I don't really understand regarding your setup is
the fact that you say that you need to

- be able to fetch your mail from your account at your ISPs domain (I
suppose something like user at isp.mail)
- be able to send e-mails as user at isp.mail to any destination (such as
user at

So why then do you need to run your *own* mail server? Isn't it
possible to use an e-mail client such as KMail or Evolution etc. and
just add an account, configuring the following:

- the IMAP/POP3 server (and port) it needs to connect to in order to
fetch your mail from imapserver.isp.mail:port or
- the SMTP server (and port) it needs to connect to in order to send
e-mail from user at isp.mail to user at (smtpserver.isp.mail:port)


What I mean is... even gmail allows you to read your mail using your
favorite e-mail client - see for instance
and their official guide here
so why wouldn't your ISPs - since they *do* give you an user at isp.mail
e-mail address - allow you to do the same thing (as in connect to
their SMTP and IMAP/POP3 servers)?

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