jEdit in Ubuntu - is something wrong?

Derek Broughton news at
Fri Feb 29 15:49:29 UTC 2008

Philippe Didier wrote:

> Rosalind Mitchell wrote:
>> Having heard rave reviews of it, I installed jEdit under 7.10 to evaluate
>> as a
>> programmer's editor.  This in itself required some jumping through hoops,
>> and
>> when I finally got there I was rather less than whelmed by it.  Never
>> mind that loads of the much-vaunted plugins won't install, it's the
>> general
>> appearance of the thing that is appalling.  The font rendering gives me a
>> headache.  Am I doing something wrong? w

I don't think so.  It's a Java app, isn't it?  I love Java (though moving
more and more to python) but it creates ugly applications...

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