jEdit in Ubuntu - is something wrong?

Rosalind Mitchell rcm at
Fri Feb 29 09:47:59 UTC 2008

On Friday 29 February 2008 02:58:49 Kim Briggs wrote:
> On 2/28/08, Rosalind Mitchell <rcm at> wrote:
> > Having heard rave reviews of it, I installed jEdit under 7.10 to evaluate
> > as a programmer's editor. ...[snip]...  I
> >  can manage without jEdit but then I've yet to find an editor that suits
> > my purposes precisely and I want to believe the good things I've heard
> > about jEdit.
> >
> >  Rosie
> Hi Rosie,
> You didn't mention what you have already tried.  I love Bluefish for
> PHP-HTML work.

Bluefish is one I haven't tried.  Not yet, anyway.  I'll let you know in an 
hour or so!  I've certainly used Quanta-Plus for straight html work although 
I do a lot less of that these days since I discovered Ruby on Rails

When I'm not wearing my systems development hat I'm a writer (crime fiction, 
since you ask) and I use emacs a lot because it can't be beat for getting 
volumes of text in quickly without being distracted by formatting.  As a 
result I tend to use it for a lot of coding tasks too, especially perl and 
bash scripting where it behaves itself quite well and the one-off shell 
facility works fine for most things.  It is a bit of a Birmingham 
screwdriver, mind, and I don't like its built-in terminal mode and it doesn't 
behave well with Ruby.  

I haven't managed to get enthusiastic about vim and I don't much care for 
gedit.  Kate is good, but doesn't always behave itself.  It's not great with 
perl, for example.


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