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Thu Feb 28 23:01:53 UTC 2008

Owen Townend schrieb:
> On 2/29/08, *Rajat* <a.rajat at <mailto:a.rajat at>> wrote:
>     Hi All,
>     I have been using Ubuntu 7.10 for quite some time now and am
>     extremely happy with the performance. However working random
>     things on Windows seems inevitable.
>     There are some problems with my XP and I am trying to reinstall
>     it. However the system does not want to boot from the cd
>     (original). It is promprting for using keystroke and then stays
>     idle for ages. Is there anything that I need to change at the
>     Ubuntu setup before installing Windows?
>     Please do let me know as its kinda urgent and I need to get stuffs
>     ready in half a day's time.
>     Thanks a lot
>     Rajat
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> Hey,
>   If you're repartitioning the disk and going to be dual booting 
> Ubuntu/XP then do your repartitioning from the Ubuntu desktop live cd 
> first. Windows doesn't natively know about and so can't work with 
> linux partitions during the installer so the only option it will give 
> you will wipe Ubuntu.
>   Another important point is that the earlier windows install disks 
> can't recognise SATA disks, so if you've upgraded since your last 
> attempt at a fresh windows install you may need to add drivers using 
> something like nlite or bartpe. Despite this, you should at least see 
> the windows disk booting and get to the point where it complains 
> there's nowhere to install to. For it to not even start there's 
> probably something else at fault here and the chain only includes a 
> few links - disk, cdrom, cable, (rest-of-system). With the assumption 
> that everything works fine inside Ubuntu that points to a faulty disk. 
> Trying to boot from the Ubuntu desktop install/livecd should confirm that.
>   Once you actually get the install disk booting there are several 
> steps to getting it all set up and there are several decent guides 
> around for exactly what you're doing (from the 
> googling I did getting triple xp/ubuntu/vista set up) and plenty of us 
> that have done it before, just ask.
> cheers,
> Owen.
And I'd like to add yet one more reason, why it might not install: make 
sure, that in BIOS the MBR-protection (whatever they may call it in your 
mobo's BIOS) is set to 'off'.

Just my EUR0.2, Alfred
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