corrupt video when using uswsusp s2disk

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Thu Feb 28 19:16:39 UTC 2008

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Derek Broughton wrote:
> David Vincent wrote:
>> This is another bump to a thread I'm hoping to keep in view.  I've not
>> had any replies to this yet - here's hoping some of you are just shy in
>> posting the solution.  :)
>>> here's my problem.
>>> on a certain machine with an NVidia Go5700 graphics adapter, the
>>> nvidia-glx-new driver and an LCD display at 1600x1050, when i hibernate
>>> with uswsusp (s2disk) i get a corrupt video display while the
>>> hibernation is taking place.
> _While_ it's taking place???  When you resume, is the video fine?
> If so, I'm afraid you just have to put up with it.  By definition, the
> system is unable to do anything to maintain your video once you start the
> hibernation process - the system is, in essence, already stopped and all
> that's still working is the hibernation process itself.  While it might not
> be a bad idea to simply turn off the display as soon as it starts to
> hibernate, it _is_ possible to get some debugging information if
> hibernation fails, so that probably isn't the best solution.

Correct.  While uswsusp is writing the image to disk the video is
corrupt.  One of the cool features of uswsusp is I can hit the backspace
key to cancel hibernation and return to my desktop if I realize I need
to continue working - thus I feel the system is not totally stopped -
also doesn't it set the video mode *before* stopping the machine?

Anyways, for now my solution is to close the lid on the laptop when I
hibernate.  This just means I don't see the progress as the image is
written out to disk and the stats on compression and image size.  Oh
well - at least the system is stable!


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