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Thu Feb 28 12:40:54 UTC 2008

On 28/02/2008, Karl Auer <kauer at> wrote:
> Sorry, I don't see it. Can you fill in the next few steps with just a
>  *little* more detail that "voila"?

I shall try.
Create your spreadsheet. Make sure the first row describes the
collumn, i.e. says "name" and isn't an actual entry.

Close your spreadsheet.

Open Writer.

Click Tools -> Mail merge wizard

Chose whether you want to use the current document, a new document or
one of the sample templates and hit next.

Select "letter" or "email" (I assume letter here)

lick "select different address list".

Push "Add" and navigate to your files. On my version it appears "All
Files" in the drop down bottom right does not actually display all
files. I needed to change it to Open Calc files.

You can filter entries if you want or you can just use them all. Hit OK.
Make sure "This document will contain an address bock is checked".
Now select an example that has the fields you want in your address
block. Your spreadsheet needs to provide all these fields or it will
not work. If you don't have all the fields then create your own
address block like so:
-  Push "more"
-  Check if any of those are what you want. If not push new.
-  Select which fields you will provide and push the right arrow to
add them in the top field.
-  A sample appears in the bottom
-  Use the arrows to position the items
-  The preview will most likely say nothing matched, this is normal as
matching is done next.
-  When you're happy push OK
-  Make sure it's selected in the list, push OK again

Now click match fields.

Choose which column matches each field, all the fields you specified
must be matched. The others can be ignored. Check the preview and hit

At the bottom of the window you will see the words "document 1" and
arrows, click the arrows to cycle through the different records and
see the preview.

You can create salutations, edit the document and print or save copies
for each entry.

Hope that helps.


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