VNC ? again

NoOp glgxg at
Thu Feb 28 03:10:16 UTC 2008

On 02/27/2008 06:42 PM, Wade Smart wrote:
> NoOp wrote:
>> Wade, VNC is already there, just enable by System|Preferences|Remote
>> Desktop. Click on "Allow other users etc". Uninstall the tight VNC
>> stuff. Even though I use Gnome v KDE I high recommend installing and
>> using Krdc as the client. It's much easier to use and the scroll bars
>> actually work.
>> When you get that working, come back & we'll help you set up NX (or
>> freeNX) if you'd like.
> 02272008 2035 GMT-6
> I know is already there.
> This is what I need to do - or help set up.
>  From the front office to the back of the school - the admin needs to be 
> able to control the screen - the mouse, point and click, etc, to show 
> the end user how to do, or how to fix something. Because of some out of 
> date district rules we cant install other software on the computers so, 
> I thought we could do it via the browser.
> This is what I have now.
> Under Remote Desktop Preferences I have
>    Allow other users to view your desktop
>    Allow other users to control your desktop
>    Ask you for confirmation
>    Require the user to enter this password.

What happens when you try to login? Does it prompt and take the
password? Following that does it just give you a black screen? If so
then the user on the other end needs to accept the connection. While
testing I'd recommend turning off Ask you for confirmation - just make
sure to keep the password requirement.

> As I understand it, you have to have tightvncserver to have a shared 
> session. Unless Im misunderstanding, I want a shared session - one that 
> I and the teacher both share. Right?

Should work, although you guys might get confused on who's moving the
mouse at each end... I just tested on my system and I can VNC into it
from two other systems and both work usind Krdc as the client. No
tightVNC installed, just plain Vino that comes with the standard Ubuntu

> All the desktops have Gnome.
> I want to access the Ubuntu desktops with both Ubuntu and Windows XP 
> clients via a browser.

Then I'd recommend recommend using UltraVNC as the client for the
WindowsXP box.

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