Mount ISO Image

Rashkae ubuntu at
Wed Feb 27 19:18:49 UTC 2008

Bart Silverstrim wrote:

> Does anyone know one way or the other if you can acually use loop to 
> mount an ISO image and write to it?  I thought that only worked if you 
> were mastering an image to burn, not one that's turned into an ISO image 
> yet..?

Not an ISO9660 Filesystem, the CD default.  The filesystem was simply 
designed for a Write Once media, and was optimized under the assumption 
there would be no random writes.

However, there is no rule that a CD must be ISO9660..

You can format a CD ISO udf (see udftools), which has random write 

And if Windows/MAC compatibility is not an issue, you can put whatever 
filesystem on an ISO you want, including creating a ext3 image file that 
  will later be burned to a disc.

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