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Karl Larsen k5di at zianet.com
Tue Feb 26 23:40:24 UTC 2008

Mario Vukelic wrote:
> On Tue, 2008-02-26 at 20:23 +0200, Marius Gedminas wrote:
>> I was slightly mistaken about the purpose of build-essential.  After
>> checking the description I now see that it is needed for building
>> Debian packages.  
> aptitude show build-essential
> " If you do not plan to build Debian packages, you don't need this
> package.  Moreover this package is not required for building Debian
> packages."                      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Confusing, isn't it :)
>> For arbitrary C programs it should be enough to install gcc
>> and libc6-dev.
> build-essential depends on libc6-dev, gcc, g++, make, and dpkg-dev. g++
> and dpkg-dev might not be needed by everyone who programs in C, the
> others are -- and nobody in his right mind will use gcc without make.
> Thus, it's usually easier to simply tell people to install
> build-essential (and sooner or later they will want to compile a debian
> package anyway)
    Well in my case I wanted g++ and find it works fine. And have always 
had make. The big problem was the lack of library functions and all this 
was corrected by build-essential so I am not at all sorry I installed it.



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