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Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Tue Feb 26 18:11:31 UTC 2008

jack wrote:

> On Tue, 2008-02-26 at 12:27 -0400, Derek Broughton wrote:
>> jack wrote:
>> > Just got apache2 up on gutsy server.
>> > not actually an ubu question, but I'm trying to sort this out -
>> > "Could not reliably determine the server's FQDN, using for
>> > Servername."
>> > 
>> > I'm googling through both web and some apache docs now, but they all
>> > seem to point to having a registered domain name and static ip.
>> > I do have a static ip, but don't own a domain to anchor this to.
>> > 
>> > Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
>> What does "hostname -f" say?  (That's rhetorical, because I know it
>> doesn't say anything useful to apache :-) )
> hostname -f returns "Heterodon"
>> It's all tied to a variety of configuration settings, but basically
>> apache is saying it can't find a name that it can use for a web server on
>> the Internet.
>> If this is to be on an intranet, only, that's not a huge issue - though
>> you'd still want your network to be able to find your server.
> Which is what I'd like to be able to do at this point.
>> So, you need a valid name in /etc/hostname and you need "gethostbyname()"
>> (the same thing as "hostname -f") to return a qualified name.  That means
>> you need /etc/resolv.conf to include a domain name via either "search"
>> or "domain" keywords, and either /etc/hosts to include the name and
>> address
>> of your host+domain, or your DNS to return an IP for that host+domain. 
>> If you have a local router, it probably has its own DNS which can do the
>> job.
> Currently, I am on a local router.
And does it have its own DNS and DHCP servers?

If it does, then you set a domain for the router (say "jack.lan" - what it
is isn't very important), and then your /etc/resolv.conf should
automatically get set up with a domain name of "jack.lan" and a dns request
for "heterodon.jack.lan" or just "heterodon" should return your IP address. 
Apache will be happy, and the rest of your lan will be able to find

If it doesn't have its own DNS, then you need to add "heterodon"
and "heterodon.jack.lan" to every client's /etc/hosts.

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