Trying to mount archived mbox file from cdrom in folder of evolution profile

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Tue Feb 26 16:53:00 UTC 2008

On Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 9:49 AM, Derek Broughton <news at>

> geoffrey froner wrote:
> > I was trying to help someone with a problem.  What reason do you have
> for
> > sharing your problems?
> What reason do you have for asking what reason he has?  It's a mail list,
> for heavens sake!  Threads will never stay on topic, and everybody has a
> right to their own input.  Gerald's suggestion may have been facetious,
> but
> it's still valid.  He prefers claws.
> That said, before you go criticizing other people's posts, learn not to
> top-post.  It's rude.
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> derek
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As a matter of fact, it was my ignorance that caused me to misread Geralds
email.  I didnt realize that Claws was a  mail program and this caused it to
have a different meaning for me.  That being said, if Claws is a mail
program, it would have helped to have it capitalized; and that being said,
assuming his benign message, I didnt get an answer for why people recommend
the extra step of going to Evolution.
And saying that, the only place that I ever got dished for top-posting is on
this list.  Have I now done things the correct Ubu way?  That is by moving
the cursor to the end of the message?  So be it.  And saying that, none of
us actually answered the OPs original request, yet.

And please excuse this veering into a general discussion mode, but that goes
without saying.

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