Can't compile

Conor Schaefer conor.schaefer at
Tue Feb 26 15:09:22 UTC 2008

You didn't write the software you are compiling. It takes substantial
resources to run a serverfarm and bounce nightly builds to disk and
mirror that online (usually with SVN). Check out the Songbird project
and see how well they do it. They have a full-time staffer dedicated to
maintaining their build system, last time I read up on their employee page.

Basically, people are writing FOSS software, and you're complaining
they're not building it specifically for your system. The thing about
compiling yourself is that you can build it *for your system*. With all
the possible permutations in the Linux world, a software designer can't
predict all the needs of the end user.

It seems like when given free cake, you complain about the flavor of

Michael wrote:
> Conor Schaefer wrote:
>> I think a lot of people fail to realize the remarkable amount of
>> resources poured into the average binary install file... for instance,
>> ever use subversion to compile something from source? You would be
>> astounded at the amount of space you need to allot, just to create a
>> several megabyte large install file.
>> Programming is a beautiful, beautiful thing.
> I agree, but, that install file should be what the customer gets.  Why 
> do I need to have several compilers and create my own install file every 
> time i want a different program or just an update to one i already 
> have.  Windows does some things right and thats one of them.  I have 
> been around PCs since DOS 2.0, but I am not a programmer, why should I 
> need to be to work with Linux?
> IMHO and YMMV and all that.  :-)
> Mike

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