XFX Nvidia 8800GT

Leo Noordhuizen leo.noordhuizen at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 08:47:31 UTC 2008

HELP .......

I bought the nice, releatively fast XFX Graphics card with the 8800GT Nvidia
It is being recognized and working fine under widnows, however Ubuntu
7.10even doesnt recognize it....
I need advise please. Should I:

   1. Try to return the card and buy a more suited one in the same price
   range ? IF so what card should I look for ? Or,
   2. How to proceed to get the card recognized and working with tghe
   Nvidia drivers ? (I donloaded and installed the latest Nvidia drivers, but
   that didnt help)

ANY help very much appreciated.

Leo Noordhuizen-Eindhoven-The Netherlands
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