Trying to mount archived mbox file from cdrom in folder of evolution profile

John Toliver john.toliver at
Tue Feb 26 04:48:25 UTC 2008

Well you see the reason I wanted to do it the way I stated was because
I purposely have a home partition of about 7GB.  It's on my laptop and
I refuse to carry around gigabytes of data (that is a personal soap
box for another post :-p ) however because my /home partition is 7GB,
I am concerned about space constraints.

If I can take a cdrom with the mbox files stored on them, and then
simply point evolution or thunderbird (I don't much care which I use
as they are both good programs for handling mail although I think
evolution for the time being has more features for this sort of
thing....) to the mail store.  I really hate to bring it up but,
Outlook isn't such a bad program for this sort of thing.  The concept
of the .PST file, where you can simply attach the file to the outlook
file system when needed and then detach it when you're finished is
brilliant.  too bad you couldn't install it in wine.....  The down
side is that , like evolution and I suspect thunderbird too, you would
need to copy the file off the cdrom in order to attach it to the file
system so you still need the extra disk space.

as for Gerald's post:
>The OP should consider not to make the same mistake again, and let
>his mails on a desktop machine.
>Emails belongs on a imap server hosted
>by a spare machine somewhere hidden out of sight. All mentioned
>Email-Clients (even Outlook, shudder) are able to connect to an imap
>server without that the mails have to get converted again.

I agree with you but for the time being I have neither the time or
knowledge to setup my own private imap server (I've tried and had to
table it for the time being).  It's tough to get those working and
harder to make sure mail coming from your server isn't automatically
flagged as spam (but thats another story :-p)

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