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jack tdldev at
Tue Feb 26 04:25:37 UTC 2008

On Mon, 2008-02-25 at 20:17 -0800, David Vincent wrote:
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> jack wrote:
> > I've been noticing this all evening. My Gutsy laptop has started
> > exhibiting strangeness - When I double-click on a folder to open it, I
> > get a dialog that says "Opening 'FOLDER'. You can stop this operation by
> > clicking cancel... Yet the folders do not open at all. This has been
> > going on for a few hours. Any idea how I can locate the source of this
> > problem ?
> This has happened to me on some really slow/low memory laptops when they
> are trying to load Nautilus and have a lot of memory swapped (the system
> struggling to keep up).
> It has also happened to me on a P4-3.2ghz machine with 1gb RAM when
> network shares were slow to respond (Nautilus is brutal for that if you
> use NFS and the server disappears).
> On a somewhat related note I've spent some of today switching to Autofs
> mounts for my NFS shares due to Nautilus suckage.
Ok, so now I can't even open any folder. There seem to be an inordinate
amount of processes running. I can try (dare I say it) a 'restart' and
see if it cleans up, but that really throws a big flag to me, since I
have two other Gutsy systems starting to do the same thing.

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