Can't compile

Michael michaelg at
Tue Feb 26 04:03:24 UTC 2008

Conor Schaefer wrote:
> I think a lot of people fail to realize the remarkable amount of
> resources poured into the average binary install file... for instance,
> ever use subversion to compile something from source? You would be
> astounded at the amount of space you need to allot, just to create a
> several megabyte large install file.
> Programming is a beautiful, beautiful thing.
I agree, but, that install file should be what the customer gets.  Why 
do I need to have several compilers and create my own install file every 
time i want a different program or just an update to one i already 
have.  Windows does some things right and thats one of them.  I have 
been around PCs since DOS 2.0, but I am not a programmer, why should I 
need to be to work with Linux?

IMHO and YMMV and all that.  :-)


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