Verizon wireless with ubuntu

Scott Sharkey ssharkey at
Mon Feb 25 18:49:19 UTC 2008

DScherquist at wrote:
> Does anyone know how to user a Verizon Wireless Wan pcmcia cad with 
> Ubuntu? According to Verizon they do not support Linux.
> With that said im sure that there is a way to  have them work in harmony.
> Any suggestions

I have it working on one of my laptops using the USB version of the 
card.  Should pretty much be the same principle, I think.  I used the 
ppp package to get it to work, and if I recall right I had to "activate" 
the account using Windows, but after that it works just fine.  I can try 
to dig up the details when I get home tonite.

I found most of the info on the web, via google.


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