USB HD Installation Locking up

Chris Vaisvil chrisvaisvil at
Mon Feb 25 17:13:36 UTC 2008


I was wondering if anyone else had this problem.
I am running an Acer Aspire 5102WLMi 1.6 GHz AMD Turion 4 gig ram,
Ubuntu installed on a 40 gig HD connected by USB (and booting from there)
After the update yesterday (which included a CD driver update) my system
started to act funny
when trying to convert a DVD to mpeg with acidrip and Theoggen. (It had
trouble seeing the DVD)
So I rebooted and found that while GRUB seems to load the screen goes blank
nothing shows up after the Grub status messages.
I have waited about 15 minutes a couple times, and have repbooted a few

Does anyone have any words of wisdom before I format and reinstall?
(That wouldn't be the end of the world but I do have most everything working
now and have configured
Ubuntu nicely.)


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