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> Greetings,
> I recently acquired a Dell 2650 that I would
> like to configure as a firewall for my network.
> Knowing next to nothing about the OS I was hoping someone could point me
> in the right direction where I might find some literature and how-to
> information that would assist me in this endeavor.
> Any assistance would be much appreciated.
> Thank You,
> Donald Koch


        If you are comfortable with a command line, or feel comfortable learning on a command line, I would suggest setting up that server as a squid server with a solid IP Tables set up. Having all of your machines use the squid server as it's gateway, and having a good firewall set up on the proxy should take care of any and all issues you have.

There are books available in any book store, as well as:

Why pay for software, or trust someone else's, when you can configure your own?



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